At the heart of our process is universal, low cost, highly efficient patented chemical-free method
Bardakhanov holds a patent for the method of obtaining powders by the evaporation of the raw material on electron accelerator followed by the cooling the high-temperature vapor and condensation of substance into very small particles (nanoparticles) which then become highly dispersed (nano-size) powders.
Our technology is unique because:

It is universal
for a wide range of simple materials. The technology suits all materials and does not require any adaptation. Nanopowder is produced in one stage and does not require additional preparation or post-production

It gives very high level of control
over all key parameters of finished products due to changes in the regime of installation and adjust to the demands of any customer

It is environmentally friendly
which is one of the most significant advantages over the chemical methods. The technology does not involve any toxic materials and does not produce any harmful emissions.

It is highly efficient and low cost
it is one of the most efficient and low cost technologies amongst other nanopowder production methods for metals.
As a variation of the technological process the product can be made in the form of micropowders with the particle size ranging from a few to several hundred microns.
You can buy large volumes of Silicon dioxide (SiO2) nanopowders Tarkosil T50, T80, T110 and Magnetite nanopowders - iron oxide (Fe3O4) F50 from us today
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Bardakhanov’s patented technology can be used to produce a wide range of nanoscale powders of oxides, metals, semiconductors, nitrides and carbides.
Our mission is to promote the global industry by creating high-performance nanomaterials through the production of nanopowders on a big scale.
This is a fantastic opportunity for investors to participate in the development of Bardakhanov nanopowders and to enjoy, alongside rapid financial return, the privilege of being involved at the birth of a technology that will bring considerable benefits to civilization. Nanoindustry is changing our world, and you can participate!

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