Our product has a vast range of applications including electronics, pharmaceuticals and construction industry
The results of the numerous research studies and tests undertaken by Bardakhanov have been widely published and demonstrated the unique qualities of our nanopowders.
Here are only some examples of the areas of application for nanosize powders:

fillers for composite materials

electronics (optoelectronics, fiber optics, conductive coatings and fabrics, ferromagnetic liquid)

pharmacy and cosmetics (sprays, lotions, powders, ointments, creams, pastes)

dispersants in the production of products with an inclination to cake

thixotropy of fluids in the production of lacquers and paints

medicine for the production of disinfectants, and biocides materials, etc

transfer of hydrophilic substances into hydrophobic

the production of solar cells and fuel cells

the production of highly effective catalysts

concrete and paint modifiers

other parts of machinery and industrial sectors (hardwearing and other coatings, cutting tools, lubricants, pigments, etc.)
You can buy large volumes of Silicon dioxide (SiO2) nanopowders Tarkosil T50, T80, T110 and Magnetite nanopowders - iron oxide (Fe3O4) F50 from us today
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Bardakhanov’s patented technology can be used to produce a wide range of nanoscale powders of oxides, metals, semiconductors, nitrides and carbides.
Our mission is to promote the global industry by creating high-performance nanomaterials through the production of nanopowders on a big scale.
This is a fantastic opportunity for investors to participate in the development of Bardakhanov nanopowders and to enjoy, alongside rapid financial return, the privilege of being involved at the birth of a technology that will bring considerable benefits to civilization. Nanoindustry is changing our world, and you can participate!

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