Bardakhanov has long and successful history of scientific research and test production
The Bardakhanov company was established in Russia as a business project to implement an innovative technology of the production of nano-size powders on a large scale.
Ultrafine powder of silicon dioxide using high-power CO2 laser is obtained.
1992 Ultrafine powders of varying morphology of silicon dioxide are obtained using plasma and laser ways.

1992 October Ultrafine powder of silicon dioxide on the electron accelerator is obtained.

1993 Project received financial support from the Russian Government and Tyumen region.
Application is made for the patent of the Russian Federation and the patent is successfully obtained in 1996.
1997 First publication as part of science conference for the production of ultrafine powders of silicon dioxide on the electron accelerator.

2001 The efficiency of 600 grams per hour of nanosized powder of silicon dioxide is achieved.
Pilot plant with a yield of up to 7 kg per hour is launched which allowed to obtain hundreds of kilograms of nano-sized silicon dioxide powder with average particle size in the range of 12-60 nm.
With the financial support from Purovskiy district of Tyumen region

2002–2005 Nanosized powders are obtained: oxides- magnesium oxide, aluminum oxide, titanium dioxide.

2006–2011 The range of nanopowders has expanded to several dozens of titles which confirmed the universal nature of the production method.
Company registration
Registration of the patent for a nanoscale metallic substance, registration of several other patents, registration of Tarcosil® trademark.
You can buy large volumes of Silicon dioxide (SiO2) nanopowders Tarkosil T50, T80, T110 and Magnetite nanopowders - iron oxide (Fe3O4) F50 from us today
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Bardakhanov’s patented technology can be used to produce a wide range of nanoscale powders of oxides, metals, semiconductors, nitrides and carbides.
Our mission is to promote the global industry by creating high-performance nanomaterials through the production of nanopowders on a big scale.
This is a fantastic opportunity for investors to participate in the development of Bardakhanov nanopowders and to enjoy, alongside rapid financial return, the privilege of being involved at the birth of a technology that will bring considerable benefits to civilization. Nanoindustry is changing our world, and you can participate!

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