Nanoindustry is changing our world, become part of it with Bardakhanov
Bardakhanov is a great opportunity for a long term investment into an innovative and sustainable business enterprise.
Our project aims to create a highly profitable production of nano-size powders based on the patented technology. Our offer includes substances that are in great demand on the world market. These are primarily silicon, copper and aluminum.
Currently Bardakhanov run a prototype for an industrial scale production of the nanopowders with interchangeable elements of various sizes. We have now achieved the efficiency of 6-7 kg of nanopowder per hour, which gives us the confidence this technology can be applied at large industrial scale.
We have preliminary agreements for the supply of our product which exceed four times the capacity of the project.

$ 4.1 million
An estimated budget for the implementation of the project. 85% of the sum will be used to buy the equipment, building, etc. 15% will be used for the further development of the project.
32 months
Payback period of the project
NPV $13 million
Project IRR 87%.
You can buy large volumes of Silicon dioxide (SiO2) nanopowders Tarkosil T50, T80, T110 and Magnetite nanopowders - iron oxide (Fe3O4) F50 from us today
It's easy to contact us:
simply send an email at
Bardakhanov’s patented technology can be used to produce a wide range of nanoscale powders of oxides, metals, semiconductors, nitrides and carbides.
Our mission is to promote the global industry by creating high-performance nanomaterials through the production of nanopowders on a big scale.
This is a fantastic opportunity for investors to participate in the development of Bardakhanov nanopowders and to enjoy, alongside rapid financial return, the privilege of being involved at the birth of a technology that will bring considerable benefits to civilization. Nanoindustry is changing our world, and you can participate!

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