Production and investment

Our project aims to create a highly profitable production of nano-size powders based on the patented technology. We offer highly profitable production of the substances that are in great demand on the world market. These are primarily silicon, copper, aluminum.

Our team of specialist has now completed the design of the technological process and are currently looking into scaling it up to industrial scale for the future mass production. We have now achieved the efficiency of 6-7 kg of nanopowder per hour, which gives us the confidence in applying this technology on the industrial scale.

We have preliminary agreements with the customers for the supply of our products which exceed our current production capabilities four times. The implementation of the project requires an investment of $ 4.1 million 85% of the sum will be used to buy the equipment, building, etc. 15% will be used for the further development of the project.

Payback period 32 months
NPV $13m
Project IRR 87%

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